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Privately Owned Businesses

Much is the firm that gives you our full and equal attention whether you’re a billion-dollar company or a startup. You are our bread and butter. Let us help you protect and grow yours.

Privately Owned Businesses

Advising you on both legal and business matters, our attorneys think and act like owners and senior executives who partner with you, understand you, and bring the full power of our team to help you succeed. Today, there are more than 33 million small businesses in the U.S., accounting for 99.9% of all U.S. businesses. If your business is among them, you know the importance of having strategic advisors on your side who know you, understand your business, and make your goals their own. That’s Much.

The firm that fits just right.

Much has a sweet spot, and privately held companies fall right in the center of it. We are a full-service firm with one major difference: We will never lose sight of your goals. Our attorneys will be all in – ready with the breadth of experience to help you with everything from the most complex matters to routine, day-to-day business decisions.

Except for the specialized issues public companies face, privately owned businesses have all the business and legal needs of any commercial enterprise. Much has you covered from all sides with highly skilled and experienced attorneys in most legal disciplines. We are particularly well known for our entrepreneurial, can-do spirit, and the collaborative, responsive way we engage with clients:

  • Driven to dig deep: To best represent you, we want to truly know you and your business: your long- and short-term goals, the many dimensions of your challenges and risks, your strategic business relationships, and more. Our concern, care, and commitment to fully understanding everything relevant to your goals, growth, and future are among the reasons that Much clients stay with us for decades or even generations.
  • Efficient and practical: Because many Much attorneys have previously been entrepreneurs and business owners, we share your sensitivity to the cost of legal services. We naturally staff matters with efficiency in mind, putting only the necessary attorney or team in place. We provide you concise and actionable answers, not reams of unwanted and unnecessary analysis. You’ll discover that our value-based fee structures make sense.
  • Responsive and considerate: To stay competitive, you need to make informed decisions as quickly as possible. We get that. When you raise a need or question, we often know the right guidance for you on the spot – or, if we need to consult others, we will respond as quickly as possible. And count on us to provide regular status reports without you having to check in. That’s just plain courtesy and good business.
  • Protective of your interests: Risk is everywhere, even if you have managed your business with the utmost care. The broad experience of Much attorneys gives them a “radar” of sorts to identify potential risks whether legal or business – as well as an ability to design creative solutions to mitigate them. If something does go awry, however, and litigation or other forms of conflict resolution become necessary, Much is right there to vigorously protect and defend your interests.

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