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Insurance – Policyholders

Things happen – the business is sued, the project is delayed, hackers steal the data. When things go wrong, policyholders expect their insurers to honor their claims. We do, too. Count on Much to aggressively represent you in pursuing claims when insurers seek to deny them.

Insurance – Policyholders

In business, as in life, opportunities are balanced by risks. Success is achieved, in part, by striking a suitable balance. Businesses use insurance, along with good practices and planning, as an important tool to mitigate the consequences of unintended or unexpected events.

Much's insurance recovery attorneys have spent their careers helping businesses obtain coverage when these events happen and insurers deny claims.

At Much, our Policyholders’ Insurance practice is focused on the business owners and executives as both your advisors and litigators. Among our areas of strength are:

  • Leveraging our experience and getting results: On both the counseling side and the litigation side, you can count on our decades of experience and depth of knowledge in every type of insurance and dispute to get the results you need. We focus on results, and we show what we can do rather than talk about it. If there’s a more efficient way to get the desired results, we’ll use it.
  • Being creative: Sometimes a successful claim is a matter of making “a square claim fit into a round policy.” We’re both innovative and successful at finding coverage in unexpected ways.
  • Knowing your business: We strive to learn about you and how you structure your business because this gives us context and enables us to provide you with the best representation possible.

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