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Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation

Developing a sound benefits and compensation strategy pays dividends for both employer and employee. The Much team, having significant in-house, client-side experience, is hired for our practical understanding of how benefits and comp fit into any successful business model.

Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation

As an employer, you know how important benefits plans and incentive compensation are for attracting and retaining the best employees. Benefits are often as important a consideration for employees as wages. Whether representing a publicly traded corporation, a tax-exempt organization, or a privately held business, our attorneys help you implement targeted, innovative compensation and benefits solutions. We also ensure that clients fully meet their fiduciary obligations and maintain regulatory compliance.

Designing and implementing the right plans: Every business is different. Much attorneys work hard to ensure benefits and compensation programs are tailored to achieve your business’s specific objectives.

Compliance: We can help you develop a comprehensive, ongoing legal compliance strategy as well as respond to individual compliance issues and challenges as they arise.

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