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Company-Side Representation

Businesses in distress turn to Much for sound, experienced guidance. We can help whether your organization is very large or very small. Whether you’re a business or a nonprofit organization. And whether the cause of your problem is related to the balance sheet, operations, governance, or a one-off crisis.

Company-Side Representation

Our Restructuring, Insolvency & Special Situations attorneys are equipped with a litany of legal tools that can be brought to bear to help an organization when it is facing an existential crisis. Having skilled legal technicians is, however, just a starting point.

Our lawyers use creativity and sharply honed skills to provide pragmatic business advice to our clients. From helping to create and execute crisis communications to building internal and external alliances to guiding management teams through the hardest of operational decisions, our team has the experience necessary to help you achieve your objectives.

  • Results: We come with references. These references will tell you that we do what we say we will do and that we are excellent at what we do.
  • Clear communication: Businesses in distress are usually facing myriad complex challenges. Our attorneys break down the issues in a way that makes sense from the business perspective, not just the legal perspective.
  • Being able to fight, but being willing not to: In many cases, a negotiated solution is often preferable to a litigated one. However, if it isn’t possible to reach an amicable resolution, Much’s attorneys have the experience to fiercely defend your interests through litigation.
  • Making informed decisions as quickly as possible: We can appreciate that businesses in distress are often like melting ice cubes. We provide the creativity and diligence to reach the finish line before there is nothing left.

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