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Life Sciences

Mere survival in the life sciences space takes guts, bold ideas, and legal sophistication. But success additionally demands counsel with proven scientific acumen and a deep understanding of your business. Clients rely on Much to provide this critical trifecta – law plus technical prowess plus seasoned business strategy – in a way that ensures efficiency and excellence.

Life Sciences

Navigating the link between patents and regulatory agency approval.

Whether you are an innovative startup biotech company striving to develop your first biological product or one of the largest medical device companies in the world, your fundamental aims are the same: You seek to develop, defend, and fully capitalize on your most valuable assets, likely in the context of an ongoing or future Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clinical trial. A misstep on any of these fronts can hurt you. And that is why businesses of every size, as well as academic and research institutions, regularly turn to Much. We meet all of their global patent counsel and prosecution needs for the full scope and lifecycle of their portfolios. And we can do the same for you.

In just a few short years, clients using our strategies have soared – from mere ideas to multiple biological products undergoing simultaneous FDA clinical trials covered by patent applications worldwide. Our team is also skilled at maneuvering patent portfolios in a way that extends coverage for FDA clinical trial products, which for a life sciences company can be extremely valuable.

Much attorneys have been involved in the life sciences business since its inception in the 1980s, when technological advancements were changing the medical and pharmaceutical landscapes at a lightning pace. And then in the 1990s, when venture capital-based life sciences companies were being acquired by public companies or going public themselves, we supported them in securing financing and navigating the exit process. Now, and well into the future, let us help you with the following:

  • Venture capital, seed-stage, private equity, and debt financings and initial public offerings for both companies and investors, including the special concerns of public company investors in privately held startups
  • Domestic and international mergers, acquisitions, and add-on acquisitions and investments
  • Patent portfolio planning, procurement, and enforcement
  • Licensing agreements
  • Post-grant proceedings, including reexaminations, oppositions, and inter partes reviews
  • Litigation related to trade secret violations as well as patent enforcement, inventorship, validity, and licensing disputes
  • Labor and employment matters, including dispute resolution
  • Real estate purchases and sales, including lab expansions

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