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Restructuring, Insolvency & Special Situations

In a troubled situation, whether your role is the distressed organization (often referred to as a “debtor”), creditor, or purchaser of distressed assets, rely on the attorneys at Much. We will help you achieve resolution through strategy, credibility, and creativity, in and out of the courtroom.

Restructuring, Insolvency & Special Situations

How our practice is structured.

For decades we have helped secured and unsecured creditors and troubled businesses and their owners throughout the U.S. in a wide range of industries. With cumulative experience nearing 100 years, our attorneys are recognized for our practicality, perspective, depth, and originality. If you’d like to learn more about our tailored services in this area, check out these pages:

Bringing you a wealth of experience.

We have extensive experience in representing companies and other organizations and preserving the interest of equity holders and other constituents. We provide pragmatic business advice to help you decide what objectives are appropriate and then help you achieve those objectives. Our attorneys break down the issues in a way that makes sense from the business perspective, not just the legal perspective.

  • Working with debtors, including small businesses: Much attorneys help financially challenged businesses stay in business. When possible, we strive to quickly resolve matters by negotiating with lenders and other creditors. However, when bankruptcy is the best alternative, we rely on our decades of experience to advocate for our client.
  • Secured and unsecured creditors: We are also passionate in providing counsel on and litigating the full range of issues arising from representing secured and unsecured creditors. Our clients have included many of the regional, national, and global financial institutions in all aspects of debt restructurings and bankruptcy cases and enforcement of rights and remedies.
  • Bankruptcy litigation: Much attorneys have successfully litigated all kinds of issues that can arise in a bankruptcy case. Clients benefit from our experience on all sides of bankruptcy, no matter how complex or routine the issues or cases.
  • Purchasers and sellers of businesses or assets: Sellers and buyers of distressed assets and debt rely on the practical experience and skill of Much attorneys to help them navigate the complex issues and processes involving distressed assets. Much’s attorneys understand and advise on the pros and cons of buying and selling assets in various forums — whether through bankruptcy sales and plans, Uniform Commercial Code Article 9 sales, receiverships, or assignments for the benefit of creditors. We work hand in hand with our corporate attorneys to provide unparalleled representation of buyers and sellers and help them understand and avoid the risks that arise when dealing with financial distress.

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