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If you are in the development, construction, or design business, you know the importance of legal advisors and advocates who speak your language and care deeply about your success. That’s who Much is – a distinction that sets us apart and results in long-term relationships.


The success of Much’s Construction practice is built on lawyers who truly understand the construction industry, your specific business, and the challenges you face. We’ve been there. In fact, we are one of the few midsize law firms with experienced construction law attorneys who also have substantial hands-on training in the architectural, engineering, and contracting arenas. Our lawyers include an architect, a former law clerk to a mechanics lien judge, and a former general counsel for one of the largest general contracting and trade contractor firms in the U.S. As a result, we offer a compelling blend of legal knowledge, practical industry experience, and a built-in ability to speak your language.

Our special place in the market.

Think about any construction project, and you’re thinking about a tremendous number of diverse legal and business issues that must align to make it successful. These include design and construction contracts, licensing and regulations, corporate matters, labor and employment issues, insurance, real estate, intellectual property, creditor rights, and environmental concerns, and if something goes wrong, dispute avoidance and resolution. The Much team is built with our clients’ needs in mind. We offer the full-service capabilities of a large firm without the large firm rates, and boutique firm depth of knowledge without boutique limitations. Because we’re first and foremost a business-centric firm, having all of your needs covered under one roof by lawyers who know you and your business just makes sense.

“Much Shelist has an unmatched understanding of the construction industry. Their ability to handle complex construction matters is superb.”

Chambers USA Client Interviews

Because construction law spans most legal disciplines, Much clients know that no matter the need, we have the right talent and experience to get the job done. Among the legal areas for which construction clients count on Much are:

  • Construction and design contracts
  • Construction and design disputes
  • Construction development
  • Construction industry M&A
  • Construction and design licensing and regulatory matters
  • Labor and employment issues in construction
  • Intellectual property protection in design and construction
  • Construction-related bankruptcies and workouts
  • Construction and design industry insurance and coverage issues

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