At Much Shelist, we recognize that criminal, civil and regulatory enforcement by federal and state agencies poses serious risks to our clients. In this era of greater accountability and scrutiny of corporate ethics, compliance is necessary for companies of all types—public and private, large and small.

We can help you develop corporate compliance plans, investigating alleged wrongdoing, and represent public and private companies and individuals in proceedings before the Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney's Offices, the Securities and Exchange Commission and state government entities.

Corporate Compliance and Ethics Programs

In the wake of corporate scandals and the changing legislative and regulatory environment, effective corporate compliance and ethics programs are essential. Effective programs can help mitigate risk, enhance employee morale, bolster corporate goodwill and reduce exposure in the event of wrongdoing. Because we understand that no two companies are alike, we can help design and implement a compliance and ethics program to fit your specific needs.

Internal Investigations

Despite compliance and other efforts aimed at avoiding wrongdoing, potential problems can arise. We have conducted internal investigations for private and public companies, Boards of Directors and Committees of the Board. Our investigations have covered a broad array of criminal, civil and regulatory issues, including financial fraud, health care fraud, accounting irregularities, antitrust concerns, breach of fiduciary duty and employee relations.

We recognize that successful internal investigations require experienced attorneys who can provide crisis management, disseminate accurate information to company leadership, preserve documents and other information, and report the results as necessary and appropriate. In the end, a properly conducted internal investigation will help protect the company, its owners and its employees.

We have litigated cases against various government agencies and represented executives in connection with grand jury appearances and interviews with prosecutors and investigative agents. To help you avoid or limit exposure, we have successfully negotiated with the Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney's Offices, the Securities and Exchange Commission and state government entities to prevent an indictment or seek a more favorable civil disposition.