The real estate attorneys of Much Shelist help clients move multifamily and commercial condominium projects from initial idea to viable, successful developments. We work with condominium developers and converters at every step in the process, from identification and examination of sites, through the purchase of properties, preparation of required municipal condominium reports, documentation of declarations and bylaws, to final sales. We also represent clients who are raising equity and securing loans in order to finance these projects.  

In recent years, many of our clients have purchased stalled residential projects.  We’ve helped our clients breathe new life into these projects and complete the units for sale.  Our experience includes resolving mechanics lien claims and related lawsuits that are often brought against the prior developer. Our extensive experience in the condominium market has enabled us to represent owners’ associations after the project has been turned over by the developer.  

Our attorneys have represented owners and developers throughout the United States on residential and commercial projects ranging in size from six to several hundred units. We have extensive experience in sophisticated, mixed-use projects, including vertical subdivisions and other creative formats. Working with attorneys from our construction, business law and other practices, we provide coordinated counsel to determine the optimal ownership structure and to ensure compliance with all municipal and other local requirements.  

Additionally, our attorneys are highly experienced in condominium deconversions and represent real estate investors in successfully closing related acquisitions involving buildings of all sizes.