Real estate transactions are typically fast-paced deals, so when disputes occur, they must be dealt with quickly and decisively. Our attorneys have the bench strength and broad skills required to meet our clients’ needs, wherever and whenever the conflict occurs. And we have the years of experience and knowledge necessary to accelerate the resolution of real estate disputes. 

We represent a broad range of parties, including agents, brokers, landlords, tenants, management companies, developers, engineers and investors. In addition to litigation, our attorneys are experienced in mediations and arbitrations. 

We provide dispute resolution in several keys areas, including:


We assist clients in the negotiation and resolution of a broad range of conflicts with public utilities, municipal authorities and private parties, including easement and access disputes.  


We represent lenders – including banks, savings and loans, and other creditors – and owners in disputes related to the real estate assets of distressed businesses, including deed in lieu agreements and foreclosures.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

We represent parties on both sides of the table in the enforcement of leases, injunctions, forcible entry and detainer actions.

Contract Enforcement

We provide guidance to clients who are facing real estate contract disputes, including purchase and sales agreements, bids and leases.

Investment Disputes

We assist individual investors, investment companies and REITs that face disputes related to all forms of real estate financing and investments, such as conventional term and construction mortgage financing, participating and shared appreciation mortgages, sales and lease-backs, split term and residual interests, mezzanine financing and multi-tiered equity structures. 


We assist individuals and entities involved in joint ventures, partnerships and limited liability companies when they face conflicts arising from breaches of agreements and contracts, including providing assistance with exit strategies and dissolution of partnerships.