Chicago – long a commercial, transportation and financial hub – is now an active center of high-technology innovation. Our Startups & Venture Capital attorneys share the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels this community’s pursuit of new technologies and new business opportunities. 

Our team is led by a Silicon Valley veteran with degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Law School. One group member lectures at Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management and a second teaches at Chicago-Kent College of Law. Another senior member of our team served as inside general counsel to a family of venture capital funds that deployed more than $3 billion in capital under his watch, co-investing regularly with Silicon Valley’s elite venture firms and many of the world’s top tech investors on “The Midas List,” published annually by Forbes. Our network of high-growth technology companies, their backers and the service providers that focus on and care about startups, combined with our involvement in incubator and accelerator programs, can help investors and companies forge relationships that lead to future investments, strategic partnerships, acquisitions or other opportunities.

We represent companies in every phase of growth and development, including idea stage, entity formation, angel financing, venture capital financing, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and beyond. 

We support public corporations in the preservation and protection of strategic, operational, regulatory and administrative imperatives when they invest in early-stage companies or structure spin-out "intrapreneur" initiatives, including spin-outs intended to seek institutional venture capital funding. When working with our public company clients, we offer sophisticated guidance that blends our knowledge of customary venture capital structures and the terms and concerns not often shared by institutional venture capital funds regarding public company oversight, internal controls and financial accounting. We also counsel investment advisors who serve public companies and venture capital funds. 

We frequently advise clients on the full spectrum of funding sources, from pre-seed friends and family financing, to seed financing, early-growth venture financing, growth-stage venture financing and late-stage venture, private equity and public financing.


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