While efficiency in early-stage operations is necessary for survival, we also encourage our later-stage clients to focus on core risks, use industry-standard solutions and take a cooperative approach to negotiations when practical in order to strengthen their businesses while managing costs and aligning the goals of investors, executives, employees and strategic partners.

Our work with technology and technology-enabled companies includes the following:

  • General corporate, operational governance and compliance counsel
  • Venture, growth and late-stage financing transactions
  • Turnaround, “restart,” "pivot" and recapitalization financing structures and negotiations, including secondary equity sales
  • Intellectual property and technology licensing and acquisition agreements (inbound and outbound)
  • “Acqui-hires”
  • Terms of use, privacy policies, DMCA policies and other website policies and agreements
  • Patent and trademark applications and copyright registrations
  • Mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs and initial public offerings, as well as advance planning for such transactions
  • Conflict resolution and negotiations among founders, executives and others
  • Mentorship to enhance growth, risk mitigation and focus
  • Strategic planning
  • Venture debt and commercial secured borrowing
  • Inbound and outbound leasing structures
  • Employee compensation and benefit structures
  • Vendor, supplier and customer negotiations
  • Founder wealth management and proactive estate planning
  • Sophisticated insurance coverage procurement and insurance innovation in emerging segments, such as peer-to-peer shared economy rental