People are an employer’s most critical asset. And the employer-employee relationship works best when it is based on clear ground rules and an understanding of mutual obligations. The labor and employment attorneys at Much give employers answers and advice quickly with practical business needs in mind. Our job is to provide counsel proactively, negotiate on your behalf when necessary, and litigate forcefully when the situation warrants. When urgent questions arise regarding issues such as firing an employee in a manner that minimizes risk or handling an unexpected medical leave, we are accessible and responsive.

Answers and Advice

  • Providing counsel regarding hiring, disciplinary, and firing decisions
  • Negotiating executive compensation agreements
  • Protecting trade secrets and confidential information
  • Updating and strengthening employee handbooks and policies
  • Providing guidance regarding proper classification of workers
  • Interpreting and advising on wage and hour laws
  • Preventing and responding to union organizing efforts and labor disputes
  • Addressing medical leave and disability or pregnancy accommodation questions
  • Complying with state and federal discrimination laws
  • Understanding the affirmative action obligations of being a government contractor or subcontractor
  • Answering employee benefits questions
  • Providing harassment compliance training


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