COVID-19 is poised to continue impacting workplace policies and practices into the foreseeable future. Employers across the country are navigating a complex web of laws and regulations that affect how they manage their workforces. Much's labor and employment attorneys have the experience and problem-solving skills to help. We are actively guiding employers through common issues such as:

  • Advising on matters pertaining to employee vaccinations
  • Drafting COVID-19 prevention plans that are industry-specific and comply with state and federal recommendations and requirements
  • Developing prompt and efficient strategies when faced with positive COVID-19 test results or an outbreak in your workforce
  • Helping navigate and respond to OSHA investigations
  • Developing remote-work policies that address the practicalities of balancing flexibility and maintaining a strong presence in the workplace

Whether you've been operating throughout the pandemic, have recently reopened, or are considering opening your doors in the coming months, we are here to help keep your employees safe and your workplace productive. Find more pandemic-related information on our Coronavirus Resource Page.