Harnessing and exploiting the power of technology involves a number of phases, not the least of which is ensuring the full protection of innovations and other intellectual assets. Our Intellectual Property & Technology attorneys work with clients throughout the process of identifying and securing new technologies.

First, we provide guidance as to whether or not a particular technology or process may be practiced without infringing the rights of others (including third-party software compliance). We then help clients determine whether or not the new technology is patentable. Finally, with an extensive domestic patent application prosecution practice and our international network of foreign correspondents, we provide effective patent application, prosecution and maintenance services in the United States and abroad.

When special circumstances arise, our attorneys provide:

  • Audits and assistance with security measures, invention protection procedures, employee manual revisions, employee confidentiality and invention assignment agreements, visitors' agreements, and other agreements to protect technology rights.
  • Negotiation and preparation of joint research and development, consulting and other vendor, supplier and distributor agreements.
  • Counsel on acquisition and utilization of non-proprietary intellectual property.