Our attorneys assist in the development of insurance and indemnity requirements during the initial stage of the construction process, which provides our clients with an important risk management tool. We have deep transactional and claims experience with the full range of insurance policies used in the construction industry including CGL, workers' compensation, professional liability, wrap up (OCIP and CCIP), builder’s risk, owner’s protective, subcontractor default, project specific, green building and technology risk. We are experienced in drafting and negotiating insurance coverage provisions in construction and design contracts that properly allocate risk with the goal of providing our clients with appropriate protections. We also work closely with clients’ brokers and internal risk management personnel at the beginning of a project, during contract negotiations and when insurers reserve rights or deny claims. We are also well-versed in claims strategies and frequently work with clients’ insurance carriers to resolve disputes.  When the situation warrants we use every tool at our disposal to compel insurers to make good on their insurance coverage obligations    

Title insurance defense work is another significant part of the group's practice.  In this highly technical and sophisticated area of real estate litigation, our attorneys have handled substantial coverage, lien and priority claims involving most major title insurance companies.  We also counsel clients in connection with suretyship and bonding matters. Our attorneys are well versed in drafting and negotiating bond requirements in contracts and provide counsel when a client either needs to make a claim on a bond or a claim is made against the client’s bond.