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Josh Leavitt Joins Jupiter Board of Advisors


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Josh Leavitt Joins Jupiter Board of Advisors

Josh Leavitt, co-chair of Much’s Construction practice, has joined the Board of Advisors of Jupiter, the leading provider of predictive data and analytics for climate risk and resilience.

“As buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure around the country reveal the wear and vulnerability associated with climate change, the construction and engineering industry has much work to do to prepare for the accelerating challenges,” Josh said. “The coming years are likely to see mass migration and new resiliency measures adopted in response to climate change, and the companies that flourish will be the ones that best understand the future dynamics of the physical risk landscape.”

In his practice, Josh represents owners, contractors, architects, engineers, manufacturers, and commercial tenants. His clients have included some of the world’s largest contractors and design professionals, and he has experience in matters involving building systems and technologies as varied as stone cladding on high-rise and super tall buildings, oil refinery instrumentation and control systems, and process piping in alternative energy plants.

Jupiter offers commercial services to clients in critical infrastructure, financial services and insurance, banking and asset management, energy and real estate, and the public sector. These customers use Jupiter services for capital planning, risk management, site selection, design requirements, supply chain management, investment valuations, shareholder disclosures, and more.

“Recent events such as the February winter storm in Texas and the ongoing degradation of critical infrastructure nationwide show that climate risk engineering and resilience is critically essential for the construction sector,” said Rich Sorkin, CEO of Jupiter. “Josh’s legal experience and knowledge in the construction and engineering industry will be invaluable to Jupiter’s growing roster of commercial clients.”

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