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Remembering Michael Shelist


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Remembering Michael Shelist

Michael Shelist, co-founder of our firm, peacefully passed away on Sunday, June 11, 2023. He will be incredibly missed by his friends and colleagues at Much Shelist and in the legal and business communities, but his legacy will be present in the halls of our firm forever.

The legal profession runs deep in Michael’s family, and he always knew he wanted to be an attorney. Michael graduated from Northwestern University School of Law and launched his career guiding families and businesses through the estate and succession planning processes. In 1970, he joined forces with his partner Morrie Much, and together, they founded Much Shelist, P.C.

Michael built our firm on a foundation of integrity and respect. He cared deeply about creating something with longevity, and it is due in part to his humility and selflessness that Much Shelist still exists more than five decades later. Michael worked hard to create a business and a culture that benefited the people who worked alongside him as well as the people who would come to our firm years and years down the road. Our leadership team continues to operate with that mindset to this day, a tribute to Michael’s unwavering vision as a founder.

So many of us are lucky to have Michael’s tremendous influence on our careers and to draw inspiration from his leadership. He made a truly indelible mark on our firm. People rely on our team because they trust that Michael’s commitment to the highest levels of client service remains ingrained in each of us.

The Much Shelist community will always be grateful to Michael for his countless contributions to our firm. May his memory continue to be an inspiration to us all.