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Courtney Mayster Joins No Shame On U Board of Directors


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Courtney Mayster Joins No Shame On U Board of Directors

Managing Partner Courtney Mayster has joined the Board of Directors of No Shame On U, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating the stigma associated with mental health conditions.

As a board member, Mayster will serve as an ambassador for the organization, supporting its community outreach programs, educational presentations, fundraising events, and more. She will contribute both professional and personal experience to help advance No Shame On U’s mission, an initiative that is deeply important to her.

“I am honored to serve on No Shame On U’s Board of Directors,” Mayster said. “As an attorney, I work in an industry with a critical need for mental health services, and I have seen firsthand how stigma is a barrier to people seeking help. I am proud to work alongside the No Shame On U team to provide the education and resources needed to break down those walls.”

As Much’s Managing Partner, Mayster is a both a business strategist and a culture champion, two roles she believes are inextricably tied. She will call on her extensive leadership experience to help elevate operations and drive growth at No Shame On U.

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