March 1, 2012

David T. Brown, Chair of the firm's Management Committee, authored an article for Smart Business Chicago on how peer roundtables are a good sounding board for business leaders.


It's lonely at the top. At some point or another, virtually every business leader has quietly muttered these words. And why not? When virtually everyone in your organization is looking to you for direction and inspiration, where do you turn for support and advice?

In some cases, an experienced board of directors can serve as an effective sounding board. You may also have former mentors and teachers to whom you can turn for professional guidance.

You may face a situation, however, when these advisers are unavailable. It may be inappropriate to seek out their advice or they may lack the necessary knowledge or training to provide you with assistance. Or, you may have spent so much time growing the business that you haven't had an opportunity to build a parallel executive-support structure. In such cases, must you go it alone?

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