August 17, 2010

David T. Brown, Chair of the firm's Management Committee, authored an article on strategies for law firms to see through the economic downturn for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.


When the economy began its downward spiral a couple of years ago, many law firms retreated from their marketing and business-development activities in an effort to tighten purse strings and operate as leanly as possible. But this "hunker-down" mentality proved to be shortsighted.

In contrast, firms with longer-term views have seized upon the downturn as an opportunity, actively working to grow their client bases, their attorney ranks and even their profitability while competitors have fallen behind.

What follows are several marketing and business-development strategies that have helped resourceful firms achieve success amidst one of the toughest economic periods in our nation's history—strategies that can serve all of us well going forward.

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