February 3, 2010

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of Much Shelist. Like all such milestones, this anniversary offers us an occasion to reflect on our growth and accomplishments over the past four decades. More important, however, it is a time to reexamine our vision, mission and values, and to reapply ourselves to the pursuit of these goals.

One of our core values is to have a positive impact on the communities in which we work and live. We believe that successful businesses and successful communities go hand-in-hand. In fact, the phrase "good works" itself makes no distinction between where you're doing the good work, for whom you're doing it and how it's getting done. Choosing between community service and client service is a false choice; at Much Shelist, our answer is "all of the above."

In that spirit, the theme of our 40th anniversary is "A Celebration of Service." We do not view this as simply a 12-month initiative, after which we will turn our attention back to "business as usual." Instead, it signifies a time when the attorneys and staff of Much Shelist will reaffirm our role in the community and create and execute a firmwide plan for increasing our positive social impact long into the future.

A major component of this plan will be partnerships with clients and friends that, collectively, will make our efforts as a firm even more powerful than they would be alone. Hands-on volunteerism is another objective; while monetary donations have their place, we believe that direct, personal interaction with people in need will not only increase our impact, but also forge stronger connections between the firm and the larger community.

Finally, we will develop metrics to help us evaluate the success of our efforts and, in the process, establish best practices that can be applied to future initiatives. In all of this, we look forward to working with our clients and friends. Together, we can do well by doing good.

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