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There is no perfect recipe for being a Much attorney. Our team is filled with people who have unique passions, skill sets, and personalities. We celebrate those individual strengths, allowing our lawyers to design their practices in the ways that work best for them.


Whether you’re an established principal, a recently elevated partner, or an associate charting the course of your career, there is a spot for you at Much. We’ll provide you resources to hit the ground running and support to find the work-life harmony you deserve.

When someone joins the Much team, we see it as the beginning of a long-term relationship. And we know that to retain top talent, we have to empower our attorneys and create an environment that makes people genuinely excited to show up to work. That’s why we invested in a state-of-the-art office space where camaraderie, professional development, and commitment to excellence are always front and center. It’s also why we maintain a hybrid work policy, providing our attorneys with the flexibility and autonomy they need to be successful.

Hear From Our Attorneys

Tenured attorneys.

When you’re an established attorney considering a move, you’re thinking about more than just yourself. Our top-tier integration process will ensure both you and your clients experience a transition that generates confidence and trust. And once you’re onboard, you have the entire Much team behind you, collaborating to make your practice and your clients’ businesses successful.

Upcoming partners.

Our approach: Meet people where they’re at and support them in getting where they want to go. Maybe you’re contemplating a pivot in your practice. Maybe you want to pursue a firm leadership position. Maybe you need business development coaching to help grow your client roster. We’ll make a plan together, supplying the resources you need to get to the next level.


Education, skill development, and mentorship are critical in the early phases of your career. So are opportunities to discover your working style and the areas of law that most interest you. At Much, we do a lot more than check your billable hours. We help you map out your short-term and long-term goals, ensuring you get the hands-on experience and professional support you need to grow into the attorney you want to be.


Interested in joining the Much team?

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