Dale W. Boyer

Dale W. Boyer

Chicago, IL


Dale serves as Director of Conflicts & Records at Much. With more than 30 years in the legal field, Dale has proven experience in nearly every aspect of managing conflicts and records, including implementing cutting-edge software and solutions, leading to substantial time and cost savings. Before joining Much, he spent 20 years at a major international law firm, where he was directly involved in the growth and successful implementation of the firm’s conflicts operations, which he eventually managed.

Throughout his career, Dale has spoken at industry conferences and meetings on topics relevant to his field, including “Case Study of a Conflicts Department” (ARMA International Conference), “Analyzing Analysis” (LegalKEY, National Users Group) and “Conflicts Issues” (ARMA Chicago). He was also a speaker and visiting guest writer for the Graham Seminar at Blackburn College.

Dale is a member of the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group at Much.



Blackburn College
B.A., 1983
University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.A., 1984
Vermont College
M.F.A., 1993

Professional Organizations

  • ARMA International
  • InTapp Community User's Group


Dale is the published author of poetry and nonfiction, as well as three works of fiction. He is a frequent contributor to The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide, and has served on the Board of Directors for Bailiwick Theater.