Much attorneys have extensive experience advising clients in connection with a wide range of software and technology transactions, including drafting and negotiating complex, multinational outsourcing and software development agreements; software license and maintenance agreements; cloud-based technology services agreements; data center collocation agreements; source code escrow agreements; agreements relating to the development, distribution and use of open source software; and technology transfer agreements between leading academic institutions and entrepreneurs.

The internet has been a great boon to both global corporations and entrepreneurs, improving efficiency, opening new markets and enabling new products, services and business models. At the same time, the global impact of the internet has been accompanied by legal concerns and complexities that continue to evolve. Much attorneys regularly assist clients in navigating the legal landscape of the internet age and provide counsel on a variety of issues relating to the internet and electronic commerce, including drafting and negotiating website development, hosting and web-wrap/click-through agreements and website privacy policies; achieving compliance with privacy and data security laws and regulations; and preparing and negotiating licenses to website content.

Many large organizations recognize the value of outsourcing their IT and business functions to providers that can deliver those services more efficiently. Outsourcing to providers that use state-of-the-art technology allows large organizations to focus on the core of their businesses. Much attorneys have extensive experience advising clients in connection with complex domestic and international outsourcing arrangements. Our experience allows us to effectively assist clients in structuring, negotiating and resolving disputes that arise in connection with outsourcing arrangements and in managing the risk inherent in delegating important business and technical functions to a third party. We advise clients in connection with all types of business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology outsourcing (ITO) transactions, including the outsourcing of application development and maintenance (ADM), IT infrastructure, data center management, human resources services, finance and accounting (F&A) operations, telecommunications services, call center operations, facilities management services and payroll and benefits administration.