In addition to their legal education and experience, our lawyers have both education and experience in technical disciplines, ranging from electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineering to training in chemistry. Much is positioned and prepared to clearly understand our clients’ technical and legal needs.

We work with inventors, engineers and scientists throughout the development process to help determine how best to protect our clients’ inventions, know-how and other assets. Much obtains patents in a wide range of fields: computer software, business methods, mechanical, electrical, chemical, medical fields, aerospace and telecommunications.

From the initial stage in evaluating the patentability of an invention, our lawyers are prepared to assist. Our patent attorneys and agents prepare and file patent applications both in the United States and in foreign jurisdictions, and prosecute applications when a Patent Office objects or rejects a filed patent application. Much will also help maintain issued patents worldwide throughout the life of the patent to ensure our clients maximize the patents’ full potential.

Our lawyers help clients identify and take steps to avoid violating legitimate rights of their competitors. We provide our clients with opinions in all patent areas, including validity, patentability, infringement and workarounds.