Many of our clients have in-house legal teams, while others rely on Much attorneys to fill the role of general counsel. But regardless of their internal legal staffing, clients often turn to Much for guidance on general business matters. We pride ourselves on being the first call many clients make when they face important challenges or opportunities, and we frequently assist with issues related to customers, suppliers, lenders, competitors and more.   

Among the many important decisions business owners face, one of the most critical is choosing the right entity structure. A corporation provides a familiar set of defined roles for shareholders, directors and officers, while a limited liability company (LLC) combines the liability protection of a corporation with many of the economic and governing flexibilities of a partnership. Whether you choose a corporation, an LLC, a partnership or another structure, each type of entity has its own tax, financial reporting and governance issues. Therefore, a business should carefully consider each of these factors, along with their potential advantages and consequences.

Our corporate attorneys regularly advise clients on general business law matters and on the formation and structuring of general partnerships, joint ventures, limited partnerships and limited liability companies.