Asset protection planning is an essential part of an effective wealth management plan.  It is designed to protect and shelter accumulated wealth from future claims that may arise from litigation, government expropriation and other threats. The protection process begins with a complete analysis of your financial portfolio, potential risks and personal objectives. Timing is crucial, and this process must be done prior to the advent of any issues with creditors laying claim to your assets.

Our attorneys help individuals and families conduct comprehensive reviews of their assets - liquid and illiquid - and develop legal strategies to reduce exposure to future creditors, including plaintiffs in lawsuits, business partners, former spouses, and others who may lay claim to your property.

We develop family plans and financial strategies to help ensure that assets are secured or shared according to the individual’s preferences. We advise entrepreneurs and business owners on the establishment, ownership and structuring of corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships, and develop succession and exit plans that help minimize risk.  

We work with clients to identify and hold assets in “exempt” formats, establish and administer legal domestic and offshore structures, including trusts, limited liability companies and other entities. We have established relationships with trustees, bankers and advisors that can help ensure proper administration and compliance. 

Asset protection draws on a broad range of legal disciplines. Our wealth management team has extensive experience handling estate planning, tax, insurance, real estate, corporate, nuptial agreements, and other issues, whether as part of day-to-day business activities, in probate and trust administration, or in the course of disputes with tax authorities, business partners or others.