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Priti – pronounced Pree-Thee – handles complex real estate transactions for property owners, investors, businesses, developers, and lenders. Her experience reflects the dynamic real estate industry, spanning retail, commercial, and industrial projects. Priti has closed millions of dollars in commercial real estate deals and helped countless clients navigate their way through real estate purchases, leases, and sales.

Priti especially excels at unconventional commercial real estate transactions, including representing lenders, handling seller-financed deals, and facilitating 1031 exchanges. Regardless of the nature of representation, Priti strives to protect her clients and provide creative legal solutions to meet their objectives.

Prior to joining Much, Priti founded Nemani Law LLC, a boutique firm focused on representing families and businesses in real estate transactions, business matters, and estate planning. She also founded Pretty in Power Business Consulting and launched The Boss Lady's Lawyer blog. Priti is unrelenting in her dedication to supporting women and minorities in business, serving as a sounding board and advocate for many young professionals.

Much More Than My Work

I am “The Boss Lady’s Lawyer.” I started my blog to help fellow businesswomen find their voices as they start new businesses, deal with gender bias, and navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. I am passionate about promoting representation of minority and marginalized groups in businesses and at large.

In addition to mentoring and supporting fellow women of color in business, I love serving my community at large, and I am a proud volunteer for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Democrats of Northfield.

In my free time, I love exploring parks with my 88-pound adopted pup Shamrocks, spending time with my large family, exploring new books, podcasts, and audiobooks, writing on a variety of cultural issues, and planning my next big project.

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