Olivia Bartell Bio Image

Olivia supports attorneys in all aspects of the litigation process, from case inception to settlement or trial, across multiple cases and case-related matters. Because she works so closely with the firm’s attorneys and staff and liaises with third parties, she is in a unique position to streamline processes.

At Much, where she previously interned, Olivia helps with federal and state court filings, trial preparation, and the drafting, production, and organization of voluminous legal documents, correspondence, trial exhibits, and more.

She dedicates most of her time assisting with litigation discovery efforts. Olivia leverages the firm’s e-discovery technology to facilitate legal discovery and manage Electronically Stored Information (ESI), including the collection, processing, review and analysis, and production of electronic data.

Olivia is adept at using the eDiscovery software Relativity and DISCO, proficient in LexisNexis and Westlaw, and an advanced user of Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Creative Suite.

Much More Than My Work

Outside of work, you can find me playing with my Australian Labradoodle puppy or learning new recipes in my kitchen.

I have a big passion for studying history and other cultures, so I really enjoy traveling when I have the opportunity. I lived in Italy for a few months and can’t wait to go back.