November 29, 2018

Much is pleased to announce that Ryan Allen, Director of Business Development, has been appointed to the Board of Directors at Back 2 School Illinois. Ryan's involvement reinforces Much's ongoing relationship with the organization and the firm's dedication to social responsibility.

Back 2 School Illinois is a nonprofit that strives to create and support educational opportunities that enrich the lives of Illinois children. Through community and government partnerships, the organization distributes free school supplies to children throughout the state.

In September, Much hosted its second annual Build-A-Kit event with Back 2 School Illinois. Attorneys, staff and clients assembled supply kits and wrote inspirational notes for Chicago Public School students in need, which hit close to home as Ryan's oldest son is a student in the CPS system. While few of his son's schoolmates are in need of assistance, the experience shined a bright light on children who are not as lucky. Ryan considered the experience a call to action and decided to make a personal commitment to the organization.

"More than 1 million children in Illinois live in low-income households that can't always afford school supplies, uniforms, fees and equipment," said Ryan. "I'm thrilled to join the Back 2 School Illinois board and lend my support to an organization that's tackling the problem and prioritizing education for the next generation."