September 17, 2021

Paylocity is a leading provider of human resources and payroll software solutions. On August 31, 2021, it acquired longtime partner Blue Marble, a leading global payroll provider that manages payments for overseas employees of approximately 450 U.S.-based clients. Blue Marble works with in-country providers to ensure their international payroll complies with local laws. Now that Paylocity has acquired Blue Marble, its clients will be able to better manage their international workforces through a unified solution to pay employees, automate processes, and stay compliant with regulations in other countries.

"With this move, we have the ability to work with a trusted partner to build an automated, fully integrated customer experience, with clients able to manage domestic and international payroll in one platform," said Paylocity CEO Steve Beauchamp.

Principals David Brown and Ursha Magajne, as well as associate Madison Schmid, served as corporate counsel to Blue Marble, with assistance from Principals Evan Brown, Kevin Noonan, Kathy Shaw, and Julia Turk. The Much team handled the deal from start to finish, managing this sophisticated transaction with a publicly traded company.

"We are proud to serve as Blue Marble's trusted advisors during this transformative transaction for the company," said Much Chairman David Brown. "It was a true pleasure to work on this unique and complex transaction with our client's outstanding and dedicated team," said Ursha Magajne.

Read Paylocity's full press release.

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