January 22, 2020

Much hosted its 15th annual Diversity Day celebration on January 22 in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. This year's program featured a screening of "Bullets Have No Names," a short film from firm client StoryBolt's catalog about people who live, work and survive in Chicago's most violent neighborhoods. Following the screening, producer Lisette Guillen and filmmaker Marc Wilkinson led an interactive Q&A session about their experience creating the film and examining gun violence from the viewpoints of local residents. StoryBolt co-founder and CEO Nassim Abdi also discussed her life-changing experience with film and how the power of film can change people's perspectives.

Over 100 attorneys and staff from the firm gathered to participate in the program and discussion on the ways Chicago-area residents can get involved in providing valuable resources and mentorship to the children who are impacted on the south and west sides of Chicago.