July 31, 2019

Much is pleased to announce it is participating in the industry-wide Mansfield Rule 3.0 certification program alongside nearly 100 other leading law firms across the country. By committing to the program, Much will consider women, attorneys of color, attorneys with disabilities and/or LGBTQ+ attorneys for at least 30 percent of its leadership and governance roles, equity partner promotions, senior lateral positions and more.

"We know that diversity is vital to the long-term health of our firm. And we know we have continued work to do to improve on our strategic diversity plan," said Managing Partner Mitchell Roth. "By participating in Diversity Lab's Mansfield Rule, we will strive to increase the number of diverse voices in leadership, enhance our ability through diversity to better serve our clients and create a more inclusive workplace."

Diversity Lab's Mansfield Rule is named for Arabella Mansfield, the first female lawyer in the United States. To achieve Mansfield Rule certification, Much is required to provide documentation that shows its year-long progress in considering diversity in important recruiting and leadership decisions. Much's certification period will run from July 2019 to July 2020.

Much's participation in the Mansfield Rule certification program is an exciting next step in the firm's Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, chaired by Principal Ed Shapiro.

Read the press release about Mansfield 3.0 on the Diversity Lab website.

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