September 10, 2010

Gregory D. Grove, a Principal in the firm's Business & Finance group, was featured by Chicago Lawyer's Around the Water Cooler blog in a September 2010 Q&A about his practice and career.


Q: How has the practice of law changed from when you first got into it?

A: Deals are moving faster and everyone is more accessible. I began my practice 15 years ago representing high-technology companies in communications, software and life sciences, as well as the funds that invested in companies in those industries. At that time, sending large documents via e-mail was not common, but now many of the innovations in the communications and software industries have enabled all of us to communicate complex concepts on the move and to send large documents quickly. What has not changed is that clients are looking for practical solutions and advice. Sometimes when folks are rushing into an opportunity or a perceived opportunity, that advice is "step back and think about process, timing and what is important to achieve." That can run counter to the always-faster pressures we face, but in my experience clients who take time with legal counsel and other advisors to think about the forest and not just individual trees usually achieve better outcomes in negotiation.  Typically this happens when clients come to view their attorneys as close strategic partners.

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